Broadband Bangle - Mustard and Navy

Junction 44

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Handmade mustard resin bangle with navy swirls. Junction 44.
Handmade mustard resin bangle with navy swirls. Junction 44.
Hand measurement guide for bangles. Junction 44.


Hand crafted resin bangle.  Hand mixed and poured mustard resin with swirls of navy blue.  This bangle is oval shaped and not a uniform shape.  It has a matte finish.  Perfect for those who need a slightly bigger bangle.


  • Materials - Resin
  • Inner diameter approx 65mm x 70mm 
  • Outer measurement approx 70mm x 78mm
  • Bangle width approx 37mm on low side, 44mm on high side

Caring for your Bangle

  • Remove your bangle when:
    • showering or swimming - resin is water resistant, but not water proof.
    • applying perfume - apply your beauty products first, then put on your earrings...
  • Do not expose to extreme heat. For example, leaving your bangle in a hot car can cause it to soften or warp.
  • Do not store or leave in direct sunlight, as your resin bangle will yellow and fade.

How to Measure Your Hand 

An approximate size for a round fit bangle can be worked out by measuring the first three knuckles. 
To do this, make a fist with the hand the bangle will be worn on and measure the length from the outside of the index finger knuckle (next to the thumb) to the point between the third and fourth knuckle (between ring finger and little finger). Use a ruler rather than a flexible tape measure.  (See image)
This measurement should equal the required inside diameter of the bangle. For example, if the measurement was 65mm you would need a 65mm diameter bangle. Please note, this is just a guide.  

*Due to variations in monitors and screens, and although we do our best to represent the colour accurately in our images, there may be a slight difference in the colours you see.   

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