About Us

Anita has always loved being creative, and has a particular love of colour and jewellery – bold statement earrings, to be specific.

To scratch her creative itch, Anita first started making clay jewellery using a pasta maker in her Brisbane kitchen. She wore everything she made, but she soon started receiving requests for her creations.

As demand grew, she began stocking her jewellery in local stores, and was quickly swamped by requests for bespoke pieces.

Anita’s Mum, Anne, offered to help but wanted to do something different. Anne started experimenting with resin and then timber to compliment Anita’s clay designs, and in 2019, the mother-daughter business Junction 44 was born.

Anita and Anne now work together, creating polymer clay and resin earrings, bangles and a range of resin and timber homewares.