How to Display and Store Your Earrings

Do you ever have trouble finding earrings to match your outfit?  Do you scrabble around in various jewellery boxes or  in a drawer hoping to find the earrings you want?  Do you find one, but not the other?  No backs?    Aaarrrggghhh, so annoying!!  



I feel your pain!  I have 3 quite small jewellery boxes, but looking for a pair of earrings can be a nightmare, especially when I'm in a tearing hurry.   More often than not, I will leave the house with NO earrings on because I just could not be bothered with the search!

So. I was browsing Instagram one day, and came across this a fabulous small business called Wood You Buy. They handcraft all sorts of wooden goodies from sustainable plywood, including nifty compact earring holders!  I hadn't even considered an earring stand until I saw these fabulous organisers.  What a genius idea!!!

Well really, that was all I needed.  I hopped online and ordered one straight away - I couldn't wait to get it!

The type of earrings you have - studs, dangles, hoops etc - will determine what design you will need.  The one I chose is a brilliantly simple design and has only 3 easy to piece together parts as you can see below.


The pieces slot together really easily, so is done in a matter of seconds.


Now the fun part!!

I grabbed a pile of earrings and started arranging them.  This was the longest part of process, but once they are in position, you never have to worry about not being able to find the right earrings again.  I probably could even do with another holder, as I have some earrings left over, but honestly, these are the ones I would most often wear.  And it is now much easier to find the others that I have left in my jewellery box.


I have stored 32 pairs of earrings on my holder.  Because I wear mostly dangles and don't have a big collection of studs,  there are some empty spaces.  This design would be ideal for those who own lots of studs.


This holder can store up to 77 pairs of earrings.   That's a lot of earrings!!

I'm still congratulating myself on my great purchase!!



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